Rekindling the Fire!
The Mullum Market is under new management. We are seeking new stallholders as part of our project to bring a stack more buzz to the market.

For bookings at specific markets call the office and leave a message (02-6684-3370).
If you would like to ask questions please send the manager an email.

We do not accept new casual stalls that sell hot food or imported jewelry or imported clothing without prior permission. Please Email the manager to discuss this.

Casual stallholders need to arrive by 7:15am to be allocated a site. Please bring the following:

  • $30 stall fee for 3m x 3m
  • $45 stall fee for 6m x 3m
  • Proof of public liability insurance
  • A business card or contact details and simple explanation of your products and/or business

To interested stallholders, we will also be offering ‘permanent’ stalls. These will be offered to select stalls that match our values and sell unique, high-quality goods with a relaxed and friendly vibe. Priority will be given to stalls run by local residents and stalls selling locally-made goods, but these are NOT pre-conditions.

Please remember the Mullumbimby Market has a No dog policy.

Where it’s at: (Click on the map and have a look around!)

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Stall Types

  • Casual: Call 02-6684-3370 to book each month.
  • Permanent: Available to select stalls; local & hand-made goods prioritised. Same spot every month. No booking required. Status can be granted AND revoked at the discretion of Management.

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance for market stalls can be purchased from AAMI and Traders Voice.

Comments ( 13 )

  1. Replyadmin
    Yes you would be welcome but all stalls need insurance. Thanks! Rusty
    • ReplyTherese Moffatt
      thanks, I have insurance. I'm friends with Angela Green, and would love a stall close by her if possible. Ta
      • Replyadmin
        Best to call 02-6684-3370 and leave your details to formalise your booking. Thanks! Rusty
  2. ReplyTherese Moffatt
    Hi, do you have any casual sites for this Saturday please? I make natural skin care products locally and may do reflexology treatments also. Thanks, Therese
    • Replyadmin
      sure do - please call 02-6684-3370 and leave your name number and product on a voice message and thats your booking! More info: Thanks Rusty
  3. ReplyDianne Horton
    Hello, I am letting you know that Raw Ecstasy stall has changed in looks and that you may need to have a look at the attachment. An improvement due to the councils new requirements about hygenie. Hope you like it. Also is it possible to take it to the site on the Friday afternoon when we are finished at the mullum Farmers market and then it is also out of the way for other marketteers. Dianne Enquiries - Raw Ecstasy
    • Replyadmin
      didnt get an attachment. Do you mean leave it there overnight? I'll have to ask the Museum crew if that's OK. Things have been vandalised there. Rusty
  4. Replynavhal Pols
    Dear Rusty, I am so sorry that we did not come to the market today 16 Nov. We made a misjudgement and thought there would be heavy rain by consulting the weather zone report. With books it would be a nightmare. I could not inform you earlier since we made that decision on Friday night. We Love the Mullum market and would very much like to support it so we were disappointed ourselves. Regards, Navhal
    • Replyadmin
      Hi Navhal Thanks for the note. Sorry for the delayed response! Hope to see you Saturdat Thanks for your support Rusty
  5. Replyben morrisey
    Hi, The above link, 'Email Rusty', does not seem to work. Can you please send me an email address so I can discuss the possibility of opening a new stall. thanks. ben m
    • Replyadmin
      try sarah the new manager at thanks rusty
  6. ReplyKerry Thompson
    I sell buffalo leather sandals, crystals, bells, white sage, bags, musical instruments and some boutique clothing lines. I would love to attend your market next weekend, I ran and left a message earlier in the week.
    • Replyadmin
      hope to see you there! thanks rusty