Change is in the air! Mullum Market is under new management and we are going to make changes.

September Update

What we’ve achieved so far this month:

  • Submitted Sept 21 market as event on prime7 website 27 Aug
  • Kids activity booked in (Wacky Wax)
  • Free ad in Echo ‘Pin This Up’ section week of 3 Sep
  • Free ad in Byron News ‘Community Calendar’ section week of 3 Sep
  • Broadfoot booked in to play live
  • A4 posters under construction
  • 177 “Likes” on Facebook by Aug 27
  • Website updated
  • Google ads planned for week prior to market
  • Gold Coast Bulletin ad planned for Friday prior to market
  • Large Echo ad under construction

May Update

What we’ve achieved so far this month:

  • Public Art & Sculpture theme confirmed for July market
  • 15 A3 posters put up around the Shire advertising the Uke Party
  • Editorial submitted to Echo, Byron Shire News & Northern Star. (not published)
  • 72 Facebook “Likes” by May 14
  • Website updated
  • New logo finalised
  • Google ads running – 67 clicks by May 14
  • Gold Coast Bulletin ad in for Friday 17 May
  • Large Echo ad in for week of May 18
  • Free ad in Echo ‘Pin This Up’ section this week & last
  • Northern Rivers Uke Orchestra coming to play on May 18
  • Local luthier Andrew Doriean coming to give workshops
  • Shearwater students organised to play their ukes
  • Coorabell public school students confirmed to perform around 10:30am

April Update

What we’ve achieved so far this month:

  • Five kids activity stalls personally invited to April market
  • Facebook page launched April 7
  • 43 “Likes” by April 19
  • Filled in pot holes and mud pits with road base and gravel
  • Trimmed low branches on camphor
  • Cleaned up mess at base of camphor
  • Website improved & expanded
  • Work begun on designing new logo
  • Google ads – paid ads for website. 87 paid clicks this month so far.
  • Gold Coast Bulletin ad in for Friday April 19
  • Large Echo ad in this week (page 15)
  • Also free ad in Echo ‘Pin This Up’ section this week

At the April market we will be experimenting with some minor changes to the market lay-out. Don’t be alarmed this will only affect 1 or 2 stalls. We will be creating a break in the long double line of stalls that runs from the big camphor near the music down to the bend in the river. This break/pathway will cut roughly-speaking from the expresso stall through toward the tennis courts. The purpose of this is to entice more market-goers through to the back of the market – where the new Creative Kids Corner will be.

This will be a cluster of permanent and casual stalls that offer products and interactive activities for kids. It will begin Sat 20 April.

From the April market, each market will have a theme. Themes will be related to the broad theme of the Mullum Market, which is all things sustainable, creative, and quirky!

April theme: Creative Kids: The launch of a new & exciting feature of Mullum Market: the Creative Kids Corner.
May theme: Ukulele Fiesta! Uke lessons, uke orchestra, uke-making workshops, 100% locally-made ukes for sale, and more!
June theme: Open to suggestions! Organic Gardening???
July theme: Open to suggestions! Pottery and sculpture???
August theme: Open to suggestions! Yoga???

Stallholders! If you haven’t completed the stallholder’s survey please do so ASAP here: Click here for the survey.

If you have ideas or would be willing to help create a themed market day, please contact Rusty.

The noticeboard is the one-stop shop for stallhoders to keep abreast of anything new happening at the Mullum Markets.

Comments ( 8 )

  1. ReplyAlice
    How much is a casual stall space please? I'm selling second hand clothes. Thanks : )
    • Replyadmin
      $25 you'll need public liability insurance too
  2. ReplyLaura Jones
    hi, a few weeks ago i had visited your wonderful markets and i thoroughly enjoyed myself, however, i purchased a pair of what was supposed TRUE vintage sandals from one of the stalls named ART + VINTAGE i was charged $80 for a pair of shoes that you can purchase from ASOS brand on the net, new for $30! After coming to this realisation, I did a little research on this so called "vintage" collector, and have found that they have not only slandered you and your markets for being cheap and nasty, but also have sold numerous items to vintage collectors only to find later they were sold cheap knock offs, i highly recommend you do not have them at your markets anymore as this brand - ART+VINTAGE has been denied from southern markets for this very reason... i love your markets and i love your stall holders because what you see is what you get and i wouldn't want to see these horrible cheats at your markets again
    • Replyadmin
      thanks for this info. So the stall is called Art & Vintage, the same as the brand name they are supposedly ripping of? When you say they slandered me and the market - What do you mean and do you have the web address? I will look into this. Thanks! Rusty
  3. ReplyKarine
    Hi, I would like to have a casual stand 3 x 3 at the market on the 18 Jan 14. I make body and hair care product. Regards, karine
    • Replyadmin
      sure if you turn up at 7:15am saturday morning we will allocate stalls thanks! rusty
  4. ReplyKarine
    Hi, I would like to book a space for a casual. I make 100% hand made natural body and hair care product. Regards, Karine
  5. ReplyKarine
    Hi, what was the name of the band playing on the 15/02/2014? I thought they say they were "two lions", but it's say a different artist name on your page. They we're really good!