20 July Theme: Public Art & Sculpture with Suvira McDonald

July 20 is a celebration of public art and sculpture. There will be locally-crafted pottery and sculptures for sale, pottery demonstrations, exhibitions and fund-raising for a local public art project, and more.

See Suvira’s fantastic work by clicking here.

In April 2013 we launched our MONTHLY THEMES! Since then, every market has had a theme. All have been successful. All themes will be related to the broader themes and values of the Mullum Market, which are creative expression & sustainability. We will have guest performers, speakers, workshops and activities held under the awning of the museum shed.

Some theme ideas in the pipeline are:
– solar power party
– yoga party
– local music – busking competition
– festival of dance

We will advertise these themes in the Echo and on this site so keep an eye out!

17 August Theme: To Be Decided – Give us your ideas!

21 September Theme: Spaghetti Circus Comes to Mullum Market!

Previous Themes

18 May Theme: Ukulele Party

May 18 is a Ukulele Party! We will have a uke orchestra, uke lessons, locally-made ukuleles for sale, uke-making workshops, uke painting, and more. Bring your uke!

April Theme: Creative Kids

In April we launched the new Creative Kids Corner, and this was also the theme for the month. It was school holidays and we had loads of kids getting very excited doing candle-making, clay fish making for a public art project, listening to stories told by Salty Pete the Pirate, and more!

15 June Theme: Organic Gardening, in collaboration with the Community Gardens next door

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